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Collaboration Process Flow…

Arrange a consult

  • Review and assessment of your enquiry
  • Identify and clarify your wants and needs for solar savings
  • Discuss your approximate budget
  • Consider solar application options
  • An energy analysis to provide the appropriate system design for your needs
  • Analyse electric usage and bills from the past 12 months to begin the system design process

Planning and layout design

  • Electrical and structural engineers design a solar electric system tailored to your property’s size, layout, and needs.
  • Provide multiple system options to choose from
  • Satellite overview with panel layout
  • Design cash flow model that will define cost of system, utility incentives, tax benefits such as depreciation, and any additional grants or credits that can be applied

Present customised plan for approval

  • Provide a detailed proposal that addresses how needs and goals will be achieved 
  • Provide options for different solar panel configurations and solar energy system sizes
  • Discuss applicable rebates and incentives, financing options, net investment in solar, annual savings, and equipment specifications
  • Outline payment and financing options

Once everything is approved, Spinnacle Power will…

  • Manage the entire utility application
  • Make adjustments to system size and design if necessary
  • Prepare all the paperwork for utility and local permitting and submit all
  • Provide financing options and applications, where appropriate
  • Work with you to develop an installation schedule that meets your time requirements
  • Schedule all inspections with local building departments and provide results to you as they occur
  • Contracts, city permits, appropriate applications for rebates and incentives are handled by Spinnacle Power
  • Once incentives and authority approvals are secured, Spinnicale Power operations department handles and coordinates the entire installation and construction
  • Construction time varies depending on the size and complexity of the system


  • Provide a turn-key construction service through in-house, verified and accredited third party providers
  • Spinnacle Power provides a one point of contact and responsibility throughout the entire installation process

After installation

  • Spinnacle Power provides a tour of the newly-installed system along with training of use
  • Deliver record drawings, warranties, product information, instructions, and maintenance requirements so you will be fully equipped to care for your new solar electric system
  • Spinnacle Power service department is always on call to support the ongoing operation of your solar system


  • Provide operational and maintenance services over the lifetime of solar systems, ensuring that the system is always operating to its maximum efficiency
  • Although a solar electric system provides years of hassle-free service we’re happy to discuss maintenance programs to help keep your solar electric system in top working order and producing electricity at peak efficiency
  • Maintenance is minimal because it contains no moving parts. It’s simply a matter of keeping the solar panels free of excess dirt and debris


  • You will know at all stages exactly what you need to pay and when according to the payment schedule
  • Payment quantities and schedules are based on a pre-defined agreement


  • Solar is a long-term investment
  • While the pricing of a system is important, we never compromise on quality
  • Spinnacle Power only source from Tier 1 technology providers from across the globe
  • Solutions come with 10 to 25-year product warranties and performance guarantees


  • Spinnacle Power provides financing options from R8000 to R250000


  • Insurance options and solutions are available if not covered by your own insurance