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Meet The Spinnacle Power Team

We’re a talented group of individuals with great great customer service and solar industry expertise

Albert vd Westhuizen

Founder + Owner

Albert is a Mechanical Engineer and AEE Certified Renewable Energy Professional and has spent many years in corporate before striking out on his own. Having always had a bit of a green heart and with an intense interest in technology, the renewable energy business was an obvious choice. More about Albert…

Linda vd Westhuizen

Business Manager

Dietician by profession, practiced for 15 years and worked in corporate for 9 years. Joined husband Albert in 2019 as business manager. Passion for sales and marketing. Adding a soft touch to the business. Most probably the first contact with clients. Share Albert’s mindset of adding value to projects and people’s lives. Developed an in-depth understanding of the renewable energy industry and can discuss and design basic systems. Completed a management advanced program (MAP) at WITS Business School in 2016. Since joining Spinnacle Power attended numerous trainings on Victron, GoodWE, Fronius inverters, heat pumps and various Li-Ion batteries.


Operations Manager

Joined the company in Feb 2020. Has 12 years’ experience in the electrical field and focused on solar energy since 2016.  He is responsible for evaluating the client’s needs, designing of systems, installations, manages the installation team. He has a very hands-on approach in dealing with our customers.  He ensures that they are informed every step of the installation process.  He works all hours of the day and weekends to ensure client satisfaction and delivering a high quality, optimal functioning system.  If there is a problem, he will notice it first and he will not stop before having solved it.



The newest member of our team. He has a background in industrial electronics and mechanical engineering. He joined the team in 2020 and is responsible for procurement, assisting with designs and ensuring that the right stuff is available when it is needed. 


Jack Of All Trades

A general worker and jack of all trades has been with us since 2018.  He is always early, works hard and is willing to do whatever it takes.


Water Heating

Joined the team in 2019. He has experience in plumbing and takes the lead in our water heating installations. Shy and hard working and the youngest of them all.


Team Leader

He has a background in the building/construction industry and was in business for himself before joining our team in 2019. He is an excellent organizer and ensures that we deliver a high-quality product with every installation.


2nd to Team Leader

Joined the team in 2019. He is second in command to the team leader, reliable, a fast learner and trustworthy. He focuses on the electrical work of an installation. 



Pavi in short, was born in 2015 and came to live with us as a 4month old pup.  He is strong willed… and overall, just strong.  He guards the workshop and office with an iron fist and ensures that everyone stays in line when entering the premises. Bring him a bone, and he will be your friend and protector forever!

Always Ready To Assist With A Smile