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Spinnacle Power offers comprehensive solutions most relevant to your requirements, to maximise on return on investment.

Spinnacle Power is…

Spinnacle Power is a solar technology company based in Pretoria, Gauteng -specialising in reliable, efficient and clean solar energy solutions for residential, business, retail, commercial and governmental applications.

The fastest and cheapest way to address climate change (reduce carbon emissions), and more specifically load-shedding in South Africa, is with solar energy.

With a strong reputation in South Africa, Spinaccle Power is a fully accredited, AEE Certified supplier and installer with full access to state-of-the-art Eskom accredited solar technology brands, systems and solutions, all of which are accredited with Sustainable Energy Society South Africa (Sessa) memberships.

Spinnacle Power Supply, Install and Maintain…

  • Residential
  • Community Solar
  • Property Developments
  • Small Businesses

Solar water systems

  • Thermo-siphon and pumped systems for residences
  • Thermo-siphon and pumped systems for developments
  • Centralised systems for communes
  • Centralised systems for residences

Heat Pumps

  • Centralised systems for residences
  • Swimming pool heating


  • Back-up systems for residences and apartments
  • PV systems for residences
  • Off grid systems


  • Petrol, diesel and gas
  • Integration with PV systems

Product and Installation Trainings Completed:

  • ITS Solar Water and Heat Pump Installation
  • NuPower Solar Water Installation
  • Victron Energy Product Range and Installation
  • SMA Product Range and Installation
  • Hoppecke Battery Applications
  • Goodwe Product Range and Installation
  • MLT Product Range and Installation
  • ENEL PV Design, Seller and Installer
  • Fronius Product Range and Installation
  • LG Air Conditioning Installation
  • EPSolar Product Range and Installation
  • Renusol Mounting Systems
  • Canadian Solar PV Modules
  • DEHN Surge Protection
  • Solar Edge Product Range and Installation
  • Hoymiles Micro Inverter